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Gator Guns & Archery Center

Gator Guns & Archery Center Testimonials

I have used Gator for 12 years. Overall it is a good place. For HANDGUN shooting it is the only game in town. The rifle range is only 25 yards so it is quite limited. They have a good selection of rental guns to try out for $5 each. The range fee is reasonable as is the range ammo (reasonable, as so far as, other ranges). For a Mom and Pop store they have an exceptional stock of hunting clothes, archery supplies (and an Archery RANGE), handgun holsters, rifle cases, gun cleaning supplies and a lot more. There is also a semi-independent Gunsmith on the premises. They put in a choke system on a shotgun for me and it came out perfect. Gators' staff is good, and considering the usual ornery people that work in gun shops, they are way better than normal.
Awesome store and great staff. The tattooed guy in archery is always really nice and knows his stuff. I wouldn't trust my bow with anyone else. I've been to Bass Pro and Gander and haven't found anyone as knowledgeable as him. Gator guns beats em all hands down!
I loved the place. I am not sure what others expectations are, but I shot a .22 for 2 hours, 200 rounds (I shoot slow, 5 shot groups and look at each group after I shoot). I then shot 100 rounds with a pistol. Both guns were rented, 3 hours on the range - everything after tax came up to $68.00. I found this to be good value for money. These guys were friendly and helpful, walked me through the operation of each weapon. I ended up improving my groups; and had fun for a few hours. I think the place is perfect.
I shoot at Gator Guns and Archery at least once a week, and the experience is always the best. The ROs are always there if you need them. Carlos is number one, in my book and NO I'm straight. You must use safe ammo, and not reloads, but you can buy ammo elsewhere as long as it's brass cases, and not junk. See you at Gator Guns soon. I shoot Monday or Tuesdays.